Western Baking Corporation (WBC) is the Cookie & Cracker manufacturing company formed upon the acquisition of the assets of Marietta Biscuit Company (MBC), based in Alamogordo, New Mexico. WBC is a Bakery with five 300 ft. highly efficient ovens, in aggregate able to produce approximately $150.0MM of baked products annually, depending on the product mix.

Western Baking Corporation will be a World Class producer of cookies and crackers. In the future, they will produce a broad array of additional baked products. Some of these products currently exist and others will be innovative or new and unique baked or extruded grain based products, depending on the requirements of their Customers and their Markets.

Their priority is to achieve the highest food grade certifications possible, beginning with their plan to become GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified. Simultaneously, WBC is seeking the highest possible certifications from the AIB, (American Institute of Baking), while also being certified by other, Customer required, third party Auditors including having all appropriate and necessary Kosher certifications.