VMP Nutrition approached AMI Brands searching for a School Districts network in Texas as well as in Mexico. Through our contacts and established relationships, we were able to assist VMP by obtaining meetings in South Texas School Districts as well as with the Mexico School program. The AMI team, along with our partner marketing group, Prodigee Marketing Group (PMG), jumped right in to aid VMP in the preparation for their meetings. We provided protocol guidelines and standards and help set expectations for entering both school systems, while making recommendations for next steps. We believe in VMP's mission and goals; we are passionate about their work and we continue to engage as a team every day to make sure their message is heard and business goals are reached.
Dosis - Through our relationships in Mexico, we are helping Dosis to market and sell their products in some of the top retailers in Mexico. Through AMI's past experience, we know how difficult registering a new product in Mexico can be. That experience has enabled us to eliminate redundancies and avoid typical delays in the registration process by providing Dosis with a complete list of documents required by the Mexican government.
34 Solutions - AMI Brands works together with 34 Solutions providing contacts, sales strategies, professional business tactics for their business of selling financial solutions. Through our existing customers and contacts, we have the ability to expand 34 Solutions' products and services. 34 Solutions products and services include the following: GIVV Kiosk, Gateway, Merchant Processing, and Presspay.
Cinsay- From the moment AMI brands witnessed Cinsay's next-generation eCommerce system, we knew our relationship would be a perfect fit. They had an amazing new product and needed the help to reach out to the right people and build their credibility AMI invested quality time to meet with Cinsay and each team member to learn everything about their products and services. We are dedicated to building the Cinsay brand and promoting the product by making connections with influential clients. We have been able to provide Cinsay with business solutions, retail contacts, e-commerce expertise, industry advice and much more. Our relationship with Cinsay continues to grow every day.
PMG - Prodigee Marketing Group and AMI Brands began working together to deliver effective distribution channels combined with the integrated marketing strategies. Together with PMG, we make sure our work does not end with product distribution. We make a continuous effort to build the brand through innovative marketing strategies. For example, together with PMG we were able to design and build marketing materials for a VMP Nutrition school program. As we continue to build the VMP brand in the school districts, natural marketing elelments such as local themed banners, sell sheets, display stands, etc. come to life...
Western Baking Corporation (WBC) is the Cookie & Cracker manufacturing company formed upon the acquisition of the assets of Marietta Biscuit Company (MBC), based in Alamogordo, New Mexico. WBC is a Bakery with five 300 ft. highly efficient ovens, in aggregate able to produce approximately $150.0MM of baked products annually, depending on the product mix.